Oxygen barrier.



With oxygen barrier properties better than most plastics and a low-cost of production, StenCoat is the answer to any number of problems, including:

  • 13 billion coffee pods

  • 150 billion straws

  • 500 billion cups

  • Every year.

Saving the Earth together.

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An oxygen barrier better than most plastics.

It keeps food fresh.

Plain and simple.

  • Biodegradable

  • Food contact safe

  • Microwavable

  • Grease Resistant

  • Water Resistant

Using a novel approach and solid polymer science, we are utilizing inexpensive, nature-based materials to address some of today's most pressing environmental issues. 
Our packaging system is designed to be cost competitive and home compostable, all while still protecting the products within for extended periods of time.  


To create this revolutionary material, we start with what nature has already perfected:  proteins, cellulose, and polysaccharides.  This blend and these membranes protect life itself - comprising plants, cell walls, eggs and even the human placenta.  We all owe our very existence to these protective bubbles.

STENco uses these building blocks to design packaging systems that protect the system within from environmental ingress. It is engineered to fully degrade when conditions are right and not before. 

Results through research.

Meet our team

John Brown

John, Co-Founder and CEO, is a chemist with over 20 years professional experience. His expertise includes controlled release pharmaceuticals, protein and lipid isolation/purification and business unit management. John is passionate about the environment and dedicated to solving one of the world’s largest problems.

Alexander N. Gerogiannis

Alex, Co-Founder, believes that bringing to market a biodegradable or home compostable alternative to single-use plastics is of inescapable and paramount importance. He has practiced law since 2005, and he is primarily responsible for STENco’s operations and managing risk.

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